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Beach holidays on the Etruscan Coast

The hottest month of summer, the most popular month for Italians: August is synonymous with sun, sea, and, above all, vacations!
If you are planning your vacation in the month of August, take a look at Salvapiano Residence, a modern and comfortable facility located in the Riotorto area, in the province of Livorno.

Why choose Salvapiano?
Well, because this residence is strategically located: in fact, from Salvapiano, you can easily reach the most beautiful beaches of the Etruscan Coast.
You should know that on the Etruscan Coast, there are the most enchanting beaches in Tuscany, beaches like the famous Gulf of Follonica, the Gulf of Baratti, the Sterpaia Park, Rimigliano Beach, or the beautiful Bay of Buca delle Fate.

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Book in August on the Etruscan Coast! At Salvapiano, you and your family will be welcome!

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August by the Sea in Tuscany

The Gulf of Follonica is one of the most famous beaches in Tuscany (perhaps the most famous). Follonica Beach is suitable for families with children, as the sea waters remain shallow for several meters, making swimming particularly easy. The shoreline of Follonica is sandy. Here, you will find all the amenities of equipped beaches: sun loungers, deck chairs, umbrellas, sports fields, water activities (pedal boats, canoes), and much more. There are also extensive stretches of free beach.

Another fabulous beach, with a horseshoe shape, is called the Gulf of Baratti. Baratti Beach has a sandy shore with a brownish tint: in this area, the ancient Etruscans worked with iron. Baratti Beach is preceded by a dense pine forest and a large meadow called the “pratone,” which is particularly suitable for outdoor picnics, reading, or a little afternoon nap.

If you’re looking for an even more wild beach, I recommend exploring the Sterpaia Park. Before reaching Sterpaia Beach, you can admire not so much a dense pine forest but rather a real wooded area. Sterpaia Park belongs to a protected area, a self-sustaining micro-ecosystem, where you can observe numerous species of shrubs, plants, bushes, birds, and animals. It’s a spectacle! Sterpaia Beach is about ten kilometers long and is characterized by a series of ancient towers built close to the sea.

If you want to visit all these fabulous beaches, choose Salvapiano Residence as your starting point for your stay! All of these beaches are at most fifteen kilometers away from Salvapiano.

August Holidays in Italy Tuscany

What does this modern residence offer you? Salvapiano Residence offers spacious, finely furnished rooms, or spacious independent apartments, tastefully furnished and equipped with a complete kitchen. The rooms are suitable for young couples, while the apartments are perfect for families with children.

At Salvapiano, your children are welcome: they can have fun in the pool (there is a water slide of 4 meters), play in the various sports fields on the property: soccer, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Furthermore, we also have a bar and a delightful restaurant.

The restaurant offers typical Tuscan dishes, preferring locally sourced products to pair with the prestigious wines of the Monte Solaio estate. For more details on offers, including last-minute ones, contact us: we will be happy to answer your questions!

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Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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Parks of the Val di Cornia


Among the natural parks of the Val di Cornia, we find the Coastal Park of Sterpaia, the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, and many others.


Trekking in the Etruscan Coast


Leisure walks among nature, enjoying the physical and spiritual regeneration that only being close to the natural world can give: only a handful of places around the world are more suitable for trekking than the Etruscan Coast, in Tuscany.