Parco della Sterpaia

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The Sterpaia Coastal Park is a complex network of natural environments stretching for 30 kilometers along the Tyrrhenian coast between Piombino and Follonica, in Tuscany, and it is part of the Val di Cornia Parks.
The Park gets its name from a word that means “thicket of twigs”, remindful of the harsh and wild landscape of old, now turned into a natural but easily accessible venue where you can also enjoy modern comforts.

Awarded the Blue Flag, reserved for coastal resorts that meet absolute quality criteria in relation to the marine waters and the tourist services offered, it occupies an area of about 300 hectares, offering visitors the possibility of a unique experience in complete harmony with nature.

Il Parco della Sterpaia - Salvapiano

This park is huge, its total area is about 296 hectares.

The natural environments of the Sterpaia Park

The gorgeous sandy beaches are the highlight of the Park, welcoming tourists with their long strips of fine, light-colored sand that creates unique glows and shades as it reflects the bright sunlight from its surface.
However, the environment that best defines this area are the sand dunes. In terms of structure, they are both mobile — undergoing continuous transformation according to the winds and covered by “pioneer” plants — and stationary — covered by the typical fragrant vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub, such as the Phoenician juniper and the mastic tree. The brackish soil of this region is home to plants like tamarisk and glasswort. Right behind these dunes lies a coastal forest of ash trees, Turkey oaks and cork oaks of remarkable size, proof of the botanical biodiversity of the area.
The wonderful beaches make the Sterpaia Park the ideal summer vacation spot: from Cala Violina to Mortelliccio to Torre Mozza, all enriched with excellent tourist facilities designed to have the lowest environmental impact.
The shoreline faces a sea of crystalline waters, revealing a shallow and sandy seafloor that smoothly and gradually descends towards greater depths, where you can freely explore as you discover the sparkling underwater life — together with your children, if you wish.
Both children and adults can go on long walks in the shaded pine forest or on the shoreline, where you will always find convenient rest points and refreshment facilities, perfectly integrated into this natural oasis.

How to best experience the Sterpaia Park

Your stay near the Sterpaia Park allows you to enjoy the experience of a complete immersion in a still uncontaminated natural reserve.
Salvapiano Holiday Ranch is the ideal starting point to get the most out of the Park experience: located a few kilometers from the reserve, the Ranch is fully equipped with means of transportation, such as rental bicycles, to reach the beaches and the pine forests as you discover all the hidden trails in the surrounding area.
It is a multi-purpose structure, with rooms and apartments of the highest quality, equipped with all comforts and with great attention to detail; there is a swimming pool with a water slide, as well as several sport fields and a playground for younger guests. The restaurant, in addition to classic international dishes, offers typical cuisine with local and seasonal products.
On a final note, thanks to its geographical position, the Salvapiano Holiday Ranch is the best place you can choose as the keystone to your vacation as you set out to explore a protected oasis as fascinating as the Sterpaia Park.

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