Parks of the Val di Cornia


The Val di Cornia constitutes the southern tip of the province of Livorno, directly opposite the Island of Elba, where the land of Livorno borders with the province of Grosseto.

The characteristics of the territory, with coasts featuring sandy shores and steep cliffs, and an inland that combines archaeological parks of great historical interest and natural parks of scenic beauty, make it an area worth visiting.

Tour Parchi Val di Cornia

Among the natural parks of the Val di Cornia

Holidays in Val di Cornia

A holiday at Salvapiano Holiday Ranch in Riotorto also offers the opportunity to discover this wild and fascinating borderland between Livorno and Grosseto, between the sea and the countryside, between history and nature. There are many diverse parks throughout the Val di Cornia, both natural and archaeological, easily accessible from Salvapiano Holiday Ranch.

Among the natural parks in the Val di Cornia, the Coastal Park of Sterpaia, rich in beaches bordered by characteristic sand dunes, can be reached through branches along the Geodetica, the road that connects Riotorto to Piombino. Montioni Park extends over hills covered with vast forests of oak trees and offers trails where the beauty of the natural environment blends with history, including the remains of buildings from the Napoleonic era and open-pit mines.

Trekking and mountain biking excursions are the most suitable ways to explore the Poggio Neri Forest Park, a hilly forest of chestnuts and oaks.

Parchi della Val di Cornia - Salvapiano
Parchi della Val di Cornia Populonia

Populonia, Gulf of Baratti, Rimigliano Park, and Archaeo-Mining Park of San Silvestro

North of the Gulf of Baratti, along the Via della Principessa, lies Rimigliano Park, where the Mediterranean scrub, dense pine and oak forests, and the coastal dune system shaped by the winds define a landscape that seems to have come straight from a painter’s brush.

During your holiday at Salvapiano Holiday Ranch, you can also have another interesting experience, the visit to the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, which allows you to experience the thrill of comparing the Etruscans and the Romans through the observation of the remains and evidence left by the two populations that lived and thrived in this area. Populonia, the only Etruscan city overlooking the sea, was a flourishing trade center of that ancient and mysterious civilization, and it still bears clear evidence of it today.

The Archaeo-Mining Park of San Silvestro is perfect for a visit with children who will be amazed and astonished by guided tours in the ancient mines. You can accompany them on an adventure on a real mining train to retrace, even in underground sections, the entire journey made by minerals, starting from the extraction sites to the processing plants.

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Parks of the Val di Cornia


Among the natural parks of the Val di Cornia, we find the Coastal Park of Sterpaia, the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, and many others.


Trekking in the Etruscan Coast


Leisure walks among nature, enjoying the physical and spiritual regeneration that only being close to the natural world can give: only a handful of places around the world are more suitable for trekking than the Etruscan Coast, in Tuscany.