Tuscany Etruscan Coast

If you are looking for a vacation spot in Tuscany that allows you to enjoy rest and relaxation as well as astonishing sailing trips, the Salvapiano Holiday Ranch, near the Etruscan Coast, will satisfy your demands exhaustively.

It is a holiday experience offering both hotel-style and apartment-style rooms, located in the Tuscan countryside, a few kilometers from the sea and from the magnificent natural oases of the area. You can book your stay directly on the website, in order to get the best available deal on the market.

The thousands of available activities will improve your vacation at Salvapiano Holiday Ranch. You can pay a visit to the medieval villages on the surrounding hills; go for a walk in the natural oases nearby; trek along the ancient roads while you explore and discover hidden places; lie on the golden sand of the beaches, quietly enjoying your days on the seashore.

The best way to appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the coast is by observing it from the sea. Only then will you be able to understand straight away how nature has blessed these lands.
At Salvapiano Holiday Ranch, you can book tours on a sailing boat that will take you to the one and only place where you can admire with a glance the awe-inspiring panorama of the coast: the middle of the sea.

Escursioni in Barca Toscana Costa degli Etruschi - Salvapiano

The Salvapiano Holiday Ranch, located in Riotorto, in the province of Livorno, is able to offer its customers fantastic boat trips.

Many sailing trips

Many sailing trips, featuring different routes and schedules, are available for booking. One of the most interesting tours, planned to the smallest detail by the Salvapiano resort in collaboration with the nautical Tutun Club of San Vincenzo, is the one called “The greeting to the Sailor”, for four people and lasting a few hours.
It sets off from the small dock of Stellino, also known as Torre Nuova or Torraccia, from the names of the two towers that shape the landscape of the area. La Torraccia, on Via della Principessa that leads to the Baratti Gulf, was part of a stronghold built by the Republic of Pisa, while Cosimo III of the Medici family built Torre Nuova, a bit further to the south. The Stellino area enjoys a well-deserved reputation for being particularly rich in sealife. Many snorkeling aficionados describe this bay as paradise on earth, since the quantity and biodiversity of fish species is truly remarkable.

Il Parco della Sterpaia - Salvapiano
Escursioni in Barca a Vela Toscana - Salvapiano

Un saluto a ``Il Marinaio``

Our sailing tour will eventually lead us to the large San Vincenzo Harbor. Here we can find out the origins of this tour’s name. The Sailor is a bronze sculpture created by Giampaolo Talani. Standing tall at 7 meters (23 feet), this statue depicts a sailor staring at the sea with a thoughtful look and it sets a unique record: it is the largest sculpture located in a European port.
Talani lets the Sailor tell us his own story: “I survey the waves, which like endless jazz music, repeat over and over but never the same from this seaport.”
This artwork means much more for its author: the sea is life itself and the man represents all of us looking towards the future, filled with hope.

We mentioned the departure from Stellino and the arrival in San Vincenzo. Along the journey between them, you will enjoy the sea, the wind, the sounds of the sea and the beautiful panorama, featuring the faraway coast and the never-ending horizon.

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Parks of the Val di Cornia


Among the natural parks of the Val di Cornia, we find the Coastal Park of Sterpaia, the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, and many others.


Trekking in the Etruscan Coast


Leisure walks among nature, enjoying the physical and spiritual regeneration that only being close to the natural world can give: only a handful of places around the world are more suitable for trekking than the Etruscan Coast, in Tuscany.