May Offers Tuscany Sea

Holidays on the Etruscan Coast

In the spring months, nature reaches the peak of its splendor. The air is crisp, flowers bloom everywhere, trees fill with gems and colorful buds, the green of the meadows becomes more intense: it’s impossible to remain indifferent in front of such a powerful and wonderful spectacle.
If you’ve decided to treat yourself to a few days of holiday in the spring period, one of the most beautiful destinations in this season is definitely Tuscany.

If you want some suggestions for accommodation, take a look at the website of Holiday Ranch Salvapiano (Riotorto, Li), there are many interesting offers, proposals for the whole family, particularly suitable for children and teenagers.

Offerte Maggio Toscana Mare - Salvapiano

Book in May on the Etruscan Coast! At Salvapiano, you and your family will be welcome!

Holidays in May

The Salvapiano Resort offers both rooms and independent apartments. The rooms are equipped with every comfort and are particularly suitable for young couples, while for a family holiday, the apartment is the ideal solution, as it ensures complete independence of space, absolute freedom in schedules, and the convenience of having a kitchen available.

At the Salvapiano Resort, you will also have access to a bar and a restaurant. Moreover, the facility has established several agreements, allowing you to benefit from many extra services, for example, a day at the renowned Spa of Castello Bonaria, or an exciting food and wine tour, with a tasting of fine wines from the Monte Solaio company.

At Salvapiano, your children are welcome; they can have fun in the pool and engage in the sports activities offered by the facility: tennis, basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

Resort con Piscina Toscana Mare - Salvapiano

What to do and what to see in May

If you want to reward your children with an even more original activity, take them to the “Tasso Scatenato” Adventure Park; they will be thrilled. At “Tasso Scatenato” (Scarlino, Grosseto), your children will have a magical experience: guided by skilled instructors, they will venture from tree to tree, following the designated paths.
The ace up the sleeve of the Etruscan Coast is called the sea, in fact, the beaches in the area are one more fabulous than the other.
The beaches closest to Salvapiano are: the Gulf of Baratti, the Sterpaia Park, and the Gulf of Follonica.
The Gulf of Baratti is about fifteen kilometers from the Salvapiano residence. It is an equipped beach with stretches of free beach, its sand has a blackish color in some places, in fact, during the Etruscan civilization period, iron was processed in this area.
The Sterpaia Park is located about ten kilometers from Salvapiano. The coastline of this beach is about ten kilometers long. What distinguishes the Sterpaia Park are its Towers, all built by the sea: Torre Mozza, Torre del Sale, Torre Carbonifera.
The Gulf of Follonica is one of the most well-known beaches in Tuscany. The beach is about fifteen kilometers from Salvapiano. Preceded by a dense pine forest, the Follonica beach has a light and fine sand, while its seabed slopes gently.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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Parks of the Val di Cornia


Among the natural parks of the Val di Cornia, we find the Coastal Park of Sterpaia, the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, and many others.


Trekking in the Etruscan Coast


Leisure walks among nature, enjoying the physical and spiritual regeneration that only being close to the natural world can give: only a handful of places around the world are more suitable for trekking than the Etruscan Coast, in Tuscany.