Tuscan Seaside Offers July

Holidays on the Etruscan Coast

July is one of the most beautiful months to enjoy a holiday filled with the scent of sun and sea!
If you’re planning your next vacation in July but are still unsure of where to go, keep reading, because you’re about to discover a truly inviting proposal.

Suggestions on the destination?
Tuscany, and more precisely, the Etruscan Coast, since this area boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in the region.
All the beaches along the Etruscan Coast feature wonderful seas, with clear and crystal-clear waters, awarded the Blue Flag: the most beautiful in all of Tuscany!

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Book in July on the Etruscan Coast! At Salvapiano, you and your family will be welcomed!

Holidays in July

For instance, the Sterpaia Park, a charming beach with a very long coastline (more than ten kilometers). The Sterpaia Park consists of a set of beaches, including Perelli, Carlappiano, Mortelliccio, il Pino, Carbonifera, and Torre Mozza. The Sterpaia Park is a protected natural park, a forest of centuries-old oak trees precedes the beach, it is a micro-ecosystem where one can observe a wide variety of flora and fauna.
Another wonderful beach on the Etruscan Coast is called the Gulf of Baratti. The beach of the Gulf of Baratti has a brownish-red sand, this is because the ancient Etruscan people had dedicated this area to iron processing. If you want to delve into Etruscan history, I recommend visiting the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, which is located just a few meters from the namesake beach.
The most renowned beach, however, is called the Gulf of Follonica. This beach is very popular with families and children. The beach of Follonica is known throughout Italy and is the favorite destination for those who prefer a day at the sea with all conveniences: umbrella, sun lounger, deck chair, bar, beach volleyball courts. Moreover, the seabed of the Gulf of Follonica is shallow, so even less experienced children can swim there.

Resort Vicino al Mare in Toscana - Salvapiano

July by the Sea in Tuscany

But where to stay in July?

If you’re looking for a modern and welcoming facility suitable for the whole family, I recommend the Salvapiano holiday residence. This residence is located in Riotorto, in the province of Livorno. From the Salvapiano residence, you can easily reach all the beaches described above (there are many others, all beautiful!), as they are at most fifteen kilometers from the residence.

The Salvapiano residence offers excellent rooms, very spacious, stylishly furnished, and equipped with all comforts. However, if you’re traveling with the whole family, the right choice for you might be an apartment: Salvapiano has large apartments, completely independent, where the space will be entirely at your disposal and, most importantly, where you’ll be free to set your own schedule.

At the Salvapiano Resort, you’ll have access to a bar, a restaurant, a swimming pool with a water slide, and various sports fields: from soccer, volleyball, basketball, to tennis.

If you’re looking for the best offers for the month of July, including last-minute deals, check out the Salvapiano residence’s website! If you need more information, contact the staff of the facility; they will be happy to suggest the most convenient solutions for you.

Explore the Etruscan Coast, book at Salvapiano, and start dreaming!

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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Parks of the Val di Cornia


Among the natural parks of the Val di Cornia, we find the Coastal Park of Sterpaia, the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, and many others.


Trekking in the Etruscan Coast


Leisure walks among nature, enjoying the physical and spiritual regeneration that only being close to the natural world can give: only a handful of places around the world are more suitable for trekking than the Etruscan Coast, in Tuscany.