Sea and Beaches of the Etruscan Coast

Gulf of Follonica

The Gulf of Follonica extends into the Tyrrhenian Sea between the provinces of Livorno and Grosseto. In this coastal stretch it is possible to find many bathing establishments but also free beaches. There are numerous things to do: white beaches, crystal clear sea and fresh pine forests all offer hours of relaxation.

Gulf of Calamoresca

Calamoresca is a small gulf, on the promontory of Piombino, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Val di Cornia, it is well known and frequented by tourists as well as by local people. The small gulf of Calamoresca is perfectly exposed to the west, so that especially in the summer, you can enjoy spectacular and suggestive sunsets. On clear days with a warm south-eastern wind blowing in from behind the gulf, the water is cleaned of the debris that are brought in by the currents, and the sea appears so calm and clean as to seem almost like a lake, with crystal clear water worthy of the more noble Caribbean seas.


The Gulf of Baratti is a small glimpse of unspoiled nature between the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, just a few steps away from Piombino. There is a small marina, which contributes to create the kind of timeless atmosphere that enwraps the entire gulf. The beautiful beach, which gently falls into the waters of the gulf, is protected from behind by a thick pine forest that every year, at the arrival of spring, is populated by families, children and teenagers, ready to enjoy the first signs of the good weather.

Long Beach

The “Long Beach” is set on the northern coastal stretch of the town of Piombino. It is a beautiful beach made up of stones and clear pebbles, characterised by a narrow irregular and jagged coastline, bordered by rocky cliffs dotted and surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. The place has a great unspoiled and wild charm about it but remember that it does not offer any kind of service. The sea is beautiful, with shades that go from emerald green to turquoise, crystalline, transparent and pebbly, ideal for swimming and bathing. To reach the beach, you must go to Calamoresca, a beautiful bay west of Piombino, then continue on foot along a suggestive path that leads to the beach.

Cala Violina

Cala Violina is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Maremma. It is overlooked by a dense and lush Mediterranean vegetation. The beach is clear and grainy, composed of very small quartz grains. The original name derives from the sound that the sand emits when you walk on it, which sounds like a violin (to hear it, however, a certain quietness is required). Its waters are crystal clear and the stupendous panorama is completed by the dense and evocative Mediterranean scrub that arrives right to the beach.


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