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Getting married in Tuscany, among hills, countryside and sea, is the dream of many. The natural background, the ancient charm that reigns in the nearby villages, the fragrant fragrancies of the Mediterranean scrub, the effervescent liveliness of the beaches are the hallmarks of this land.

Salvapiano Holiday Ranch is the ideal setting where to organize your special moment and it can do it in three different time plans: before, during and after the ceremony.

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Salvapiano Holiday Ranch Staff will be by your side in choosing every detail

Before the ceremony

Marriage is a particular ceremony; It’s as if it absorbed the colors and scents of the location where it takes place and it transferred them into memories.
Carefully choosing the place where to celebrate a happy moment in one’s life is therefore important not only to live a day of joy with friends and relatives, but above all, to fix in the mind and heart, the memory of an event that has so much relevance in the existence of each one.

The Salvapiano Holiday Ranch Staff will be by your side in the choices of every detail, from the floral decorations to the welcome of the guests and the decision of the menu. You will be able to follow the rules of the most classic tradition or completely overturn it with a party in a modern and innovative style: we will be there for you, so that your ceremony were exactly as you wish it to be.

During the ceremony

Organizing a wedding party at Salvapiano Holiday Ranch is easy: its structure, made up of traditional Tuscan houses surrounded by green lawn, separated by three-lined paths and overlooking the pool, looks like the set of a film where the bride and groom will be the absolute protagonists. The celebrations will continue with lunch in the room overlooking the romantic Tuscan landscape. The Restaurant offers national and international proposals, always with an eye to local products and recipes, revised and renewed by the Chef and his Staff. The excellence of Tuscan viticulture shows up in the choice of wines, among which the production of Monte Solaio Estate stands out.

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After the ceremony

To celebrate such a special moment, Salvapiano Holiday Ranch is the ideal choice even for those who come from far away.

We can accommodate the bride, the groom and the guests in completely tranquillity, to offer them a continuation to the party. Staying a few days at the resort, enjoying the spaces and activities is a way, for friends and couple’s relatives, to transform participation in a ceremony into a real holiday.

Our youngest guests deserve a separate discussion. Children have access to equipped playground areas in the park dedicated to them and it might be worth staying a few more days to take them to the big theme and natural parks in the surroundings, or simply, discovering this part of Maremma, its history and its landscapes.

Not just weddings

Finally, our resort,thanks to its own position, its structure and the atmosphere that you breath there, is suitable for any type of celebration.

Not only weddings, therefore, but also baptisms, confirmations, anniversaries, graduation parties or any other moment in life you want to make into a beautiful memory.

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